Spray Foam Valley City, ND

Frueh Construction continues to set the bar high for other construction companies in the area. We work with top spray foam products to improve all types of residential, commercial, and agricultural buildings. Whether you are looking to add spray foam to the interior of your building or to the roof of your building, Frueh Construction has the people of Valley City, ND covered. You can speak with company owner Cody Frueh today at (701) 693-5765.

Spray Foam Roofing

Spray polyurethane foam has proven to work effectively on several different types of roofs. This compact spray foam is an extremely effective insulator and really helps to reinforce a roof. After we apply spray foam roofing to your roof, we can install a reflective coating which helps keep your roof watertight and also improves the energy-efficiency of your building.

Spray foam roofing has been used effectively for decades to protect commercial roofs. This roofing solution has minimal installation costs and very few maintenance expenses. The spray foam roofing that we install here at Frueh Construction will provide seamless and long-lasting protection.

Spray Foam Interior

One of the greatest attributes of spray foam is its extremely high R-value. It’s one of the most effective ways to insulate a building and prevent hot or cold air from entering or leaving the premise. Spray foam is applied using a spray gun. Upon application, the foam expands quickly and fills in any gaps. This makes it easier to insulate areas that are otherwise difficult to reach.

When you hire Frueh Construction to apply spray foam to your home or building, you’ll benefit from significantly lower energy costs. Spray foam comes with a number of other benefits, such as less sound transmission between rooms. We’ll be happy to come by and let you know if we think spray foam is a good choice for your roof/building.

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Frueh Construction takes on all types of general construction projects within Valley City, ND. Our experienced craftsmen are true spray foam experts. This product is amazing at lowering energy costs and fully reinforcing a roof/building. For a free quote on any type of project, reach out to us today at (701) 693-5765.