Spray Foam Roofing Williston, ND

Spray foam roofing is easily applied to a roof via a spray gun. The polyurethane material turns from a liquid to a solid state in a matter of seconds and is instantly ready to protect and insulate your roof. Frueh Construction provides spray foam roofing and other services to clients in Williston, ND. For a free roof evaluation, you can reach our team at 701-693-5765.

A “Green” Solution

Spray foam roofing, commonly referred to as SPF, is considered an environmentally-friendly roofing system for several reasons. For one, the material itself is low on volatile organic compounds. Secondly, SPF makes your roof more energy-efficient by insulating your building and protecting it from both the heat and the cold. You’ll be saving energy and loads of money!

Lastly, SPF is often the go-to alternative to a full roof replacement. SPF is easily applied to your existing roof and will extend its lifespan significantly. Without SPF protecting thousands of roofs, there would be far more waste since more roofs would need to be torn off and replaced.


We already mentioned how spray foam roofing can save you a fortune on energy bills over the years, but that’s not the only way this service can save you money. Spray foam roofing can restore your existing roof back to its former self, so you can avoid getting a full roof replacement. Full roof replacement are significantly more expensive and time-consuming than SPF.

Spray foam roofing can be applied over just about any type of roof. The service is fast and easy — it’s a nondisruptive and affordable way to keep your roof watertight. SPF naturally conforms to roofs of all shapes and sizes. Other benefits include a high-resistance to chemicals, low-maintenance, and it can even strengthen the structure of your building.

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The team at Frueh Construction have years of experience applying spray foam roofing. We also offer roof coatings for spray foam roofs that further protect your roof and make them even more weatherproof. Even in severe weather, our spray foam roofs have proven to hold strong. We offer warranties for our spray foam roofing systems to give you some peace of mind. Clients in Williston, ND can reach us at 701-693-5765 for help with any type of roofing service.