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Spray polyurethane foam has revolutionized the insulation game in Bismarck, North Dakota. Frueh Construction has two types of spray foam services. We have an interior service, and the other is the spray foam roofing service that allows your roof to be reinforced and protect you in those winter months. To learn all about our spray foam roofing service, you can call us at 701-693-5765 or read the rest of this article.

What is the Spray Foam Roofing Service?

Spray foam is a chemical that is applied to the top of the roof. It can stay compact because it is comprised of millions of closed cells, making it a perfect base for coatings and other reinforcements to be applied over it. The foam helps ward off the sun’s rays and protects your roof (and the structure underneath) from all of the temperature effects.

Our expert roofers are well versed in this service since they have been providing it for many years. The service starts with an inspection, and if all goes well, the roof is cleared, cleaned, and ready for the application of the foam. The foam is a great insulator, and once applied, the drying-off instructions are given to the client. Afterward, coatings or other restorative work can occur on the roof. The foam is a great reinforcer and saves costs in the long term. The next section explains how you can save on costs and the various other benefits of this service.

The Benefits of Spray Polyurethane Foam

The main benefit of the spray foam service is that it is a big cost saver for commercial and industrial buildings. Once applied, the heating or cooling system is used less, and the overall strain on it is reduced. Thus, this saves on maintenance and energy costs, allowing the business to be more profitable in the long run. The money saved here is well over the initial cost of getting this service from Frueh Construction.

This is also a lightweight and durable solution, so it will save you money on roof maintenance costs in the long run. Since it reinforces the roof, it also reduces damage. So, any repairs or maintenance that does take place can be easily performed by the roofer.

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