Spray Foam Lincoln, ND

For those looking to insulate a building, spray foam is arguably the best way to do this. Frueh Construction uses spray foam that helps cut down on energy costs and protect buildings from air, mold, pests, and moisture. For help with any sort of construction project in Lincoln, ND, call Frueh Construction today at (701) 693-5765.

An Eco-Friendly Choice

Spray foam insulation has numerous advantages over traditional insulation methods. It’s considered a very eco-friendly form of insulation due to its long lifespan and high R-value. This makes for a far more energy-efficient building. By lowering energy consumption, you’ll save a significant amount of money on energy costs and have a more sustainable building.

A Strong Protective Barrier

Spray foam insulation does a lot more than just lower energy costs. It also improves the overall integrity of a building. A layer of spray foam insulation acts as a barrier to air and moisture. It also significantly reduces the chance of mold and pests which can turn into costly issues quickly.

Regardless of what sort of building you have, spray foam insulation can help. This includes residential, commercial, and agricultural structures. Frueh Construction uses top grade building products from Conklin that are made to last. We use spray foam roofing to insulate and protect roofs. When installed by the pros at Frueh Construction, this insulation solution will stay in top shape for decades.

More About Our Team

The craftsmen at Frueh Construction are dedicated to providing the highest quality construction services around. We take on construction projects in North Dakota as well as parts of South Dakota, Minnesota, and Montana. Company owner Cody Frueh works first hand with clients to make sure each project gets done right. We pay close attention to crucial details and are always striving for perfection.

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Frueh Construction helps clients in Lincoln, ND with effective and long-lasting spray foam solutions. We get over to our clients quickly and work hard to make buildings as energy-efficient as possible. Our experienced team does it all when it comes to general construction. Get a project quote from us today by reaching out to us at (701) 693-5765.