Spray Foam Insulation – Bottineau, ND

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Spray foam (SPF) has two main components: They are isocyanate and polyurethane. These two combine to create the foundation that creates an adhered insulation system. That means it becomes a solid surface.


There are several benefits to using SPF as an insulation material. For starters, it is sprayed as a liquid. This allows it to get into every crack and crevice. Then it expands, filling these gaps to make an airtight seal. SPF is great for energy efficiency due to its density. This structure keeps your heating and cooling costs down. Also, because it is dense, it keeps noise from other places from coming into the room where you are working.

Spray foam insulation is lightweight, weighing only 28 pounds per 100 square feet. It will not warp the framework of your building or make your roof sag. While it is lightweight, it will also help to reinforce your building.

The Process

The process of installing spray foam insulation is very simple. First, we repair any damage that is already there. Next, we prep the area where we will be placing the spray foam. This consists of cleaning up any dirt, debris, or contaminants. We do this with sweeping, vacuuming, and a pressure washer, depending on how much buildup there is. Then, the liquid is sprayed into the area. It expands up to 20 times its original size, covering every inch of that area. After it expands, it only takes three minutes to dry each layer. A layer usually ends up being between an inch and an inch and a half thick. Last, the spray foam is then covered with the materials used to finish the walls and interior of the roof.

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