Post Frame Buildings, Fargo ND

Post frame buildings use pressure-treated laminated column roofs or treated solid wood posts that support trusses and girts without conventional studs of steel or wood. This form of construction was first used in the 1930s as agricultural buildings before the introduction of pole barns structures. Over the years, it has evolved to become a top choice of building for commercial structures as well as agricultural units. It is preferred for its sturdy and durable architecture that is achieved through a mix of conventional construction techniques. Post frame buildings also save time and money without compromising on the quality or aesthetics. Frueh Construction professionals have a proven record of setting up long-lasting post-frame buildings in Fargo, ND. You just need to reach us at 701-693-5765 to experience the best construction service in the city. Here are more benefits of post-frame buildings.

Enhanced Stability

Post frame buildings are stable as the columns extend to the ground which enhances sturdiness and reduces the cut-off point above the grade. The horizontal girts connecting the post columns also strengthen post frame buildings as they create a firm diaphragm that provides an engineered system to withstand wind and snow load requirements. Another factor that adds to post frame structure’s strength is the direct attachment of the trusses to the post column frame.

Easily Add Extensions

If you hire Frueh Construction to construct a post frame structure, you will definitely appreciate the level of flexibility that our professionals offer. We have a meticulous eye for details and always try to incorporate the client’s ideas into our projects. Our contractors can easily make roof extensions, add overhangs and porches which is not always the case with other kinds of construction companies. Additionally, users can enjoy the versatility of an open floor plan design and layout as post frame buildings don’t need interior walls for support.

Enhanced Energy Efficiency

Post frame buildings allow large wall spaces during construction which enhances insulation and energy efficiency. The wooden columns conduct minimal heat compared to steel frame buildings which attract faster heat-transfer, making it difficult to maintain thermostatic conditions. Concrete structures are even more expensive to insulate due to the extra furring requirements.

In a nutshell, post frame buildings constructed by Frueh Construction experts have become a favorite form of building due to its cost-benefits, longevity and eco-friendliness. The structures use wood framing which is a renewable source. All our post frame building plans meet the International Building Code (IBC) and Uniform Building Code (UBC) standards. For more insight into this construction, you can call 701-693-5765 and talk to one of our representatives. With our experience, you are sure to enjoy quality artistry, clear communication, and unrivaled service throughout Fargo, ND.