Post Frame Building – Towner, North Dakota

In Towner, North Dakota, you might have seen multiple post-frame buildings pop up. If you’ve been thinking of getting yourself one, you’re probably headed toward finding the perfect people to get them done. Luckily, at Frueh Construction, post-frame buildings are one of our many specialties. Call us today at 701-693-5765 to find out more.

How is a Post Frame Building Different?

You can construct a barn in multiple ways, but Post Frame Buildings have become the new rage. These structures get their name because of how the poles or posts are added. The sides of the barn are layered with them, and each post is covered in some mesh. This design helps with horizontal reinforcement.

Moreover, they have square-shaped posts primarily for improved vertical structural support. Because of this unique structure, they are also often referred to as pole barns. These help in numerous ways, which is why they are often used for residential, storage, commercial, or agricultural purposes, all customized to your liking. Moreover, they are built far more quickly than a traditional barn and use inexpensive materials in low quantities without compromising on quality. A post-frame building is incredibly versatile, so you could always add additional structures to it so that it meets all of your requirements.

How are they Constructed?

Pole barns might not take a lot of material to construct. Still, one has to be very careful while putting them together, as multiple complexities are involved. A flat surface is first selected, and a building pad is elevated before inserting the corner posts with temporary bracing. The remaining posts are added next, along with their bracings. After this, the wall girts must be fastened into place along with the opening headers, stub posts, and trusses. Next, the lateral and sway bracing are installed along with a fascia board, if required. Lastly, a siding and wall corner trim is put in to complete the job.

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Frueh Construction has your back if you want to set up your post-frame building or need a little help caring for an existing one. Our team of highly skilled workers knows how to get the work done to perfection. So, what are you waiting for if you’re in Towner, North Dakota? Pick up the phone and give us a call today at 701-693-5765.