Post Frame Building – Harvey, ND

Steel and stick-frame construction are less efficient, more expensive, and take longer to construct than specialized pole barns. Maybe pole structures aren’t such a bad idea after all. Post frame building has a number of advantages, which we’ll go over in this post. Workers at Frueh Construction are experienced and trained to work on a wide range of projects. Harvey, North Dakota-based Frueh Construction specializes in both new construction and repairs. For more information, please contact us at (701) 693-5765.


Remember that a pole shed has fewer load-bearing walls to be structurally sound than a traditional woodshed. There will be less waste, less time spent framing and construction, and lower labor expenses as a result of this design choice. Some post frame builders design differently than others, but we make sure that the structural integrity of your structure is not affected by the components we utilize in our designs, engineering, and construction processes. Structure refers to how well a pole barn will hold up under predicted structural loads without buckling or collapsing. Large or small, each post frame building must be built to properly resist vertical and lateral stresses.

With a post frame, you have entire creative freedom for floor layouts that need to be open, adaptable, or multipurpose. Window and door placement is completely up to you. It is possible to get creative with your design because of the versatility of pole barns and post frame buildings. Post-frame construction companies usually have a smaller backlog as the year begins. This gives you the freedom to get on location faster and finish your assignment on schedule. From one to three months, depending on the season.

If you enjoy a particular building design but have some suggestions for improvement, please contact us. We are a company that specializes in the construction of unique post frames. Our pole barns are custom-designed to meet your exact specifications. Our sales staff will contact you to begin the estimation process after receiving your design submission. Is there anything more you’d like to know about a pole barn that wasn’t addressed here? Please call Frueh Construction at 701-693-5765 and our experts would be more than happy to provide you with assistance for design and planning in Harvey, ND.