Post Frame Building – Dickinson, ND

If you own a commercial or industrial building, run a storage facility or retail business, or work in the agricultural industry, then you know that a durable, functional, attractive post frame building is paramount to your business’s success. Frueh Construction offers the perfect solution with our premium post-frame structures.

As North Dakota’s premier supplier and builder of post-frame buildings, Frueh Construction provides customers with energy-efficient, beautiful, and versatile storage solutions. Our exceptional workmanship and use of premium materials make our post-frame buildings the best to be found in Dickinson, ND, and the surrounding communities. Call us at (701) 693-5765 to learn more today!

Post Frame Buildings 101


Large wood columns form the foundation of a post-frame building. These columns are spaced about 6-8 feet apart across the level ground and embedded deeply into the ground onto concrete bases. The columns are connected by sidewalls and topped with roof trusses. Post frame buildings (also called pole barns) are usually simple in design, with only the essential accessories – usually doorways, windows, skylights, and roofs.

Older post-frame buildings were usually confined to agricultural uses – horse stables, livestock sheds, cattle shelters, barns, tractor storage, tack rooms, etc. However, today’s post-frame buildings serve a wide range of uses as commercial, industrial, educational, medical, and even residential structures. 

Benefits Of Post Frame Building Construction


The defining feature of post-frame buildings is the broad, open space they offer, due to the lack of interior walls or supporting columns. Their unique design and construction methods provide several advantages over traditional stick framing:

  • Flexible Design: With a wide open space to work with, the design possibilities, including room layout, are virtually limitless.
  • Durability: Sturdy timbers and a concrete base allow post-frame buildings to withstand strong winds and harsh environments better than many other structures.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: The simple design of post-frame buildings means fewer materials, faster work, fewer laborers, and a lower cost.
  • Open Concept: The ability to build a facility with no interruptions from wall to wall is extremely attractive to several industries: car dealerships, livestock storage, fire stations, retail stores, and even private homes.
  • Easy To Insulate: Posts are spaced 6-8 feet apart, creating large, easy-to-insulate cavities.

Call Frueh Construction For Your Post Frame Building Projects

When you hire Frueh Construction for your post-frame construction needs, you are working with Dickinson, ND’s pole barn experts. Our team members have decades of combined experience designing, building, and installing beautiful, durable post-frame structures throughout North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota.

We are a licensed, insured contractor with the experience, expertise, and resources needed to provide post-frame turnkey services. Call Frueh Construction today at (701) 693-5765 to set up an appointment!