Post Frame Building – Bismarck, ND

Post-frame buildings have strong columns and a solid foundation to withstand hail, snow, and storms. To move weight and mass throughout the structure, posts are used. Post-frame constructions have stronger hinge joints and are more wind-resistant than standard stick-framed ones. Post-frame garages and agricultural structures are safe places for vehicles, farm animals, harvested harvests, and other goods. If you live in Bismarck, North Dakota, Frueh Construction is prepared to assist you with this type of building. Call us right away at 701-693-5765 to get in touch.


Since columns typically support post-frame buildings, a basement is not required. It is not unusual for the price to increase dramatically when building a lower floor. Building a basement is not necessary when using post-frames. On the other hand, stick-frame construction needs a continuous footer for support, raising the initial construction cost. You would need to dig down to add to the lower foundation. If you utilize a post-frame, you won’t have to worry about any of these problems.

Every location has its own set of environmental characteristics that must be taken into account. Post-frame structures are more resilient to lateral pressure than any other structure. Its multi-column design evenly distributes lateral pressure across the building to minimize foundation shifting, which is the secret to its stability.

Since pole buildings don’t need an underground basis for support, your design and construction options will increase. Even better, adding new features like larger windows is made simpler by the enormous columns supporting higher walls. For a warehouse or huge equipment storage, post-frames are better than stick-frames because they don’t rely on interior walls to support the weight. Its simplistic construction effectively uses resources without compromising strength.

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In addition to providing superior roofing services, we also employ top-notch roofers. Numerous customers are won over by this combination and never use inexperienced roofers again. These top-tier roofers are professionals who consistently deliver the highest-quality jobs on schedule. They are also frequently natives, so they are familiar with the local weather patterns and what will work best with your property. In this area, Frueh Construction has set up standards to make sure that every project our team works on is done right.

Considering all of these elements, it is easy to see why Frueh Construction has long been a household name in North Dakota. We intend to carry on this legacy for a long time!

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