Pole Barn – Devils Lake, ND

When you need a new structure for extra storage space or other types of usage, a pole barn is a great one to consider. Also known as post-frame buildings, pole barns can be used for a number of residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. Frueh Construction builds these kinds of structures and much more for clients in Devils Lake, ND. To find out more, you can reach our owner, Cody Frueh, today at (701) 693-5765.

Have More Space!

One of the biggest advantages of a pole barn is its wide-open interior. Since this structure is upheld by large wood columns around the perimeter, the space in the middle can be turned into whatever you’d like. This might mean horse stables, tractor storage, etc. — the possibilities are endless!

A Durable Structure

Pole barns are supported by thick columns that keep the building sturdy in all types of weather. A pole barn ages well and is relatively low-maintenance. Thanks to the simple design which makes the walls easy to access, insulating one of these buildings is quite convenient. With effective insulation, you can save big on energy costs and keep your pole barn at a comfortable temperature.

Agrarian Uses

Pole barns were originally used for housing livestock and other agrarian purposes. Their broad interior, flexible design, and easy insulation make them a great candidate for these types of uses. Plus, the beautiful, simplistic design of a pole barn can be a great addition to any property.

Whether it’s going to be used as a small shed or a large barn, there are many great things about the pole barn design. Frueh Construction will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you are getting a building that perfectly suits your needs. A pole barn is a resilient structure that you can rely on for many years to come.

Call Us Today!

If you are ready to get a new pole barn in Devils Lake, ND, the team at Frueh Construction would be happy to help. We have many years of experience constructing these types of buildings. To get the ball rolling today, give Cody a call at (701) 693-5765.