Pole Barn – Bottineau, ND

Among the wide variety of roofing services offered by Frueh Construction, Pole Barns are one of the most sought after ones. For many years, we have been providing the residents of Bottineau, North Dakota, with premium pole barn construction, repair, and maintenance. Essentially, it is a post-frame building that features square posts for vertical structural support and some horizontal posts for its horizontal reinforcement. One must know that pole barns are typically constructed as both residential and commercial buildings. Their most common purpose is as agricultural buildings or storage units. If you want pole barn services, do not hesitate to contact us at 701-693-5765. We will send over a team to work out all details with you!

Why Should You Opt For Us

At Frueh Construction, our only priority is to provide our customers with premium products and superior quality that translate into optimal value for money. Our skilled professionals can work with any structure or material, regardless of its difficulty. Besides dedicated pole barns, we can build livestock barns, special-purpose storage facilities, general-purpose sheds, or anything else that you want. We design our pole barns with the intent to surpass local building codes, such that they go above and beyond our customer’s expectations.

Why Opt for a Pole Barn?

Post-frame buildings such as pole barns offer a variety of benefits for the owner. A pole barn is not a very sophisticated building to construct, so one of the benefits is prompt project completion without much hassle of construction for the residents. There is plenty of space between the posts on a pole barn where the owners can choose to place insulation. This will help keep the indoor temperature warm in winters and cool in summers. You can save costs on heating and air conditioning too! Since they are horizontally and vertically reinforced, these buildings offer unconditional long term strength and resilience. A pole barn is a must-have if you are a farm owner or need a storage facility!

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Contact Frueh Construction today to acquire a top-quality, custom-tailored pole barn in Bottineau, North Dakota. Dial us at 701-693-5765, and we will be delighted to send our team over to your location and give you no-obligation estimate.