Hydraulic Door – Steele, ND

Do you have a building that just does not have a big enough door to fit your equipment through? It is time to invest in a hydraulic door. There are several ways to lock it so that your stuff remains safe and secure. If you would like one installed or if you need yours serviced in the Steele, ND area, call on Frueh Construction today. You can reach us by dialing (701) 693-5765. The process does not take a long time but, once it is done it will give you so many options for your building.


The installation of these types of doors does require an inspection to be done first. This is to ensure the framing that it is attached to has the capacity to hold the door, the track, and all the weight that is associated with it. If they are not up to the task, we will beef up the framing so that it can do the job properly without risking your safety. As your safety is our top priority and responsibility, at least when it comes to the installation process and the immediate aftermath.


Speaking of maintenance, your new door will require up-keep. This comes in the form of having it serviced regularly to ensure the parts are working as intended as well as keeping the hydraulic system in a clean yet well-oiled manner. If it is not properly maintained it can no longer do its job in a safe manner and it puts you and your belongings at a higher risk of damage. Just like your equipment, maintenance is a requirement for proper use not an option.

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If you need a different access point for your building that is larger, then a hydraulic door is the choice you need. It allows you to move in and out of your building with ease. It also gives you an area in your building where you can house larger equipment and still get in and out of the building easily. If you have a building that could use a hydraulic door in the Steele, ND are, call Frueh Construction. Contact us now by dialing (701) 693-5765.