Floor Heat Concrete Hillsboro, ND

If you are looking into ways to keep your commercial, industrial, or agricultural building heated without having to pay through the roof, radiant floor heating is a great option. Frueh Construction offers floor heat concrete services to the people of Hillsboro, ND. There are many advantages to this means of heating a building. To get more info or to receive an estimate on the project, call us today at (701) 693-5765.

Energy Efficient Heating

One of the problems with heating large buildings, especially in cold states like North Dakota, is the expensive energy costs. By making your building more energy efficient, you’ll see the savings on utility costs add up over the years. Using radiant floor heating for your concrete floor will provide an evenly distributed rise of heat, leaving no cold spots. Plus, this means heating your building can save a lot of energy!

On top of lowering energy costs, underfloor heating is also low maintenance. The installation process is very straightforward. You can always depend on the Frueh Construction team for timely project completion and top-quality craftsmanship!

More Space

A lot of buildings have a lot of wasted space since radiators need to be installed all over to keep all the space heated. This is another advantage to underfloor heating — you won’t be wasting any space. Radiators also have hot surfaces and even sharp edges. It’s just nice to know that with the right floor heat, you can do away with this form of heating.

About Frueh Construction

Here at Frueh Construction, our craftsmen have been offering a big range of construction solutions for the people of North Dakota for years now. Every person on our crew is committed to delivering flawless results on each project. We approach each project with an open mind, and we are always ready to customize our solutions.

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If you are interested in exploring floor heat concrete options, Frueh Construction is the company that you can depend. If your building is in Hillsboro, ND, give our company a call today at (701) 693-5765. We can come by to have a look at your property so that we can get you an estimate on the project.