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In Harvey, North Dakota, winters can get very cold, so most homes and commercial spaces with concrete floors should benefit from heated concrete floors to keep energy costs to a minimum. Contact Frueh Construction at 701-693-5765 to talk to an expert regarding your heated floor installation in Harvey, North Dakota.

Concrete Has A High Thermal Mass

Different materials absorb different amounts of heat from the sun, as anyone who has walked down a pavement barefoot on a summer afternoon would know. A material’s ability to absorb heat is known as its thermal mass.

Concrete has a high thermal mass, which is why it absorbs more heat from the environment and stays warm longer than several other flooring materials used, such as carpet, wood, tiles, or laminated flooring. This property is also suitable for cooling. It will absorb heat and cool down the room as long as the room temperature is higher than it.

The overall result is that concrete buildings and floors get warm and keep a more constant temperature indoors, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

What Are the Advantages of a Concrete Floor Heating System?

Because of concrete’s high thermal mass, when you choose to put heating in your concrete floors, you will see that your energy bill will be significantly less than any other flooring material, including carpets, because of concrete’s high thermal mass. So you will experience more significant energy savings because of lower heating requirements, even during a very frigid winter.

There are many major benefits of using concrete underfloor radiant heating. These include:

Increased Comfort: One of the essential benefits of floor heating is superior comfort throughout your home or office. Radiant heat reaches every part of your property, providing even, reliable heat without any cold spots.

Increased Energy Efficiency: Boilers, furnaces, and baseboard systems all use and lose significant amounts of energy. A concrete floor heating system loses less heat and uses less energy than traditional forced-air heating systems. This relates to substantial savings on energy costs when using underfloor heating.

Healthier Interior-Environment: Floor radiant heating does not need to move air to work. So, unlike traditional heating systems, no dust, mold, or other allergens are being blown around in your living space.

Invisible and Silent System: Again, unlike traditional heating systems, you will not see or hear your floor heating system running. It does not make any noise. It does not have vents, ductwork, radiators, or plumbing pipes invading your living space and disturbing your activities.

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