Everything to Know About a Pole Barn

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Are you looking to add a building to your property that you can easily customize to your exact needs? A pole barn may be the right choice for you! Frueh Construction has been constructing these buildings for many years, and we know how to give you the pole barn you’re looking for. If you are in Hazen, ND, contact us today at 701-693-5765!

Pole Barns

A pole barn is made of round metal poles that are then placed into a concrete foundation. These poles are the frame of the building, helping your structure withstand the severe weather in your area.

A pole barn can be made to whatever size you need. We can add rooms, doors, and windows to the building to fit your preferences. You can also choose the color!

A pole barn can be an excellent way to help you with your daily work. For example, you can use a pole barn to store dry goods as well as equipment. You can also use it to keep your animals safe and comfortable all year round.


Pole Barn

Pole barns were first created in the Great Depression. When poor farmers needed to construct buildings, they turned to light poles for building material. Not only was this material sturdy, but it was also plentiful.

Originally, this type of building was called a light pole barn, before becoming known as a pole barn.

Though this building’s design may be old, it is still in use all over the country today. Come see for yourself how a pole barn can help you!

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