Concrete – Minot, North Dakota

Frueh Construction is based in Minot, North Dakota. We have completed so many projects that our reputation precedes us in most places that our team goes. Continuing this tradition, Frueh Construction also provides top-quality concrete-based services to anyone that requires them. These services are unique and can be curated to meet the client’s needs. To find out if our team can help your project with this service, call us at 701-693-5765.

What do we mean by “Concrete Services”?

The term “concrete services” can mean so much, and it can be misconstrued as a broader term. However, in the construction industry, concrete services are jobs that require some skills and experience surrounding the usage of concrete. Our concrete services revolve around anything that requires concrete, as our workers are comfortable with any type and size of the project. They have worked on countless jobs and completed projects from the planning to the execution phase. Therefore, if you have any work surrounding concrete slabs, foundations, poured walls, driveways, sidewalks, floor coatings, or anything else, do not hesitate to contact us. We have the right tools and workers to take up any concrete task and perform brilliantly on the job.

Excellent Workmanship and Execution

Frueh Construction has set standards in this field that ensure that all projects undertaken by our team are properly executed. The set standards focus on four areas of the project to ensure that the quality is perfect. Those four factors are preparation of the sub-base, concrete mixing and designing, placement, and finishing. These four factors are essential to a concrete project, and doing them right would mean that the entire project would end up looking great.

Along with our industry standards, we have excellent staff members that have been selected for their skills and craftsmanship. These hardworking employees have also been taught to provide the most attentive customer service along with the primary construction and roofing services.

Adding up all of these factors makes it easy to understand why Frueh Construction has been a household staple in North Dakota for years. We hope to continue this legacy for years to come!

North Dakota’s Premier Construction Company

Contact Frueh Construction by calling 701-693-5765. Our concrete services are available all over Minot, North Dakota.