Concrete – Lisbon, ND

Are you looking for a team of professionals that can handle your concrete project with ease? Well, if you’re in the Lisbon, ND area, or any of the surrounding areas, you’re in luck! The professional contractors at Frueh Construction deliver only the finest craftsmanship and customer service and every job we complete is done with only high quality, trusted products and materials. While we know every contractor on our crew brings superior workmanship to every job, we also know that no matter the quality of the work, it doesn’t stand a chance at long term success if the products aren’t reliable. We continue to do research on products, materials, and services in the industry so we can continue to guarantee our customers are always getting the best from our crew. Whatever your concrete needs are, you can trust in us! Give us a call today at (701) 693 – 5765 and we’ll get your project started right away!

Simple, Yet Crucial

Hiring someone to handle your concrete project might seem like no big deal, but the pouring of concrete is a crucial job to have done right to ensure whatever is going on your concrete floor doesn’t just deteriorate and destroy it! Whether you’re looking to have a floor poured, or if you need a foundation, walls, or any other areas, you can count on our team of professionals to deliver proper execution for a flawless and complete job! Concrete comes with many options and at Frueh we have them all available to you! We have floor coatings, in floor heat, drains, and more available so that your new concrete floor works exactly as you need in your space.

Reach Out Today

Get a free estimate on your next concrete project in Lisbon, reach out to Frueh Construction today at (701) 693 – 5765. We bring you quality you can trust, and we’ll make sure your project is done right from the moment you call on us! We’re proud to bring our neighbors in North Dakota dependable construction services, as a full-service contractor, we’re here to help you make your property work for you, inside and out!