Commercial Roofing – Fargo, ND

If your commercial roof needs some attention, you may not be looking at replacement. Did you know that you can prolong the life of your commercial roofing in Fargo, ND with a roof coating or restoration? Not every commercial roof needs replaced. Many are even retired far too early when a roof restoration is a far better solution to the problem. Frueh Construction can tell you whether your roof would benefit from a restoration. Call us today at 701-693-5765 to find out.

Roof Replacement vs Roof Restoration

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Commercial roof replacement means that your business could lose money with the downtime that is needed for the construction. Roof replacement is more costly than restoration and it also takes longer which will mean more labor cost as well. Roof coating will increase the life expectancy of your roof. In fact, if your roofer uses the superior Conklin roof coatings, you can expect your roof to last 15-20 years or more. There are even some roofs that have been coated with Conklin roof coating that is still going strong over 35 years later!

What other benefits can you expect when choosing a roof coating for your commercial roofing in Fargo, ND?

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  • The entire building structure will be strengthened.
  • It pays for itself in as little as 7 years.
  • You save time and money on labor and materials.
  • You will prolong the life of your roof by decades.
  • You will save as much as 30% on your energy bills.

Energy-Efficient and Durable

Our ENERGY STAR certified roof coating is an energy-efficient roofing option. This results in a significant savings on your annual heating and cooling cost. Conklin commercial roofing coating is also incredibly durable and strong. It creates a seamless, water-resistant protective covering over your existing roof which will prevent any future leaks. The seamless technology of roof coating creates a barrier that is virtually impossible for moisture to penetrate.


When you choose roof restoration by commercial roof coating you will also gain the benefits of a low-maintenance roof. If you choose to have your roof installed by the expert professionals at Frueh Construction, we can take care of any maintenance in the future as well. We take pride in our workmanship and our happy customers. Give us a call today at 701-693-5765 to find out about all of your commercial roofing options in Fargo, ND.