Cattle Shed – Fargo ND

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Adding a cattle shed in Fargo, ND to your farm or ranch is a wise decision and a great investment. Cattle sheds are important to the health and livelihood of your cattle and livestock. At Frueh Construction, we understand the cattle business and we put careful thought into every detail of your cattle shed. If you have an idea of what kind of cattle shed you want, give us a call today at 701-693-5765 to get started.

A Cattle Shed for Convenience

Your cattle shed will save you time and energy and make your life easier. Whether your operation is small or large scale, we can build your shed to exactly fit your specific needs. Not only will your livestock be healthier and protected, but you will have the convenience of working inside and out of the elements, too.

Protecting Your Investment

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Your cattle are your biggest and most valuable investment and protecting them is our main goal. We design our cattle sheds with proper ventilation and insulation to help keep your cattle the healthiest they can be. We not only give them a place to escape the harsh weather but we take into consideration the need for space for the cattle to move around and our designs are tailored to the amount in your herd.

Durable Enough to Pass Down

Cattle can be rough on any structure so our cattle sheds in Fargo, ND are built to last for generations to come. Our excellence in craftsmanship and guaranteed quality makes this an investment that you can be proud to hand down to the next generation right along with the family business.


We don’t just build from a few templates, but we can design a cattle shed that completely suits your farming operation. Your shed can be customized for convenience and you can see our many past builds to get some ideas of what you might want. Whether you want a more open design or one with many divisions, we can help you find the perfect plan for you.

Maintenance and Repairs

Frueh Construction can even help with future maintenance and repairs. We don’t just sell cattle sheds, we build them ourselves, too, no subcontractors. We treat every customer like family and work to always keep our core values, honesty and integrity, at the center of every project that we do. We’d love to help you protect your investment and build your legacy. Call us today at 701-693-5765 to get started on your next cattle shed in Fargo, ND.