Cattle Shed – Dickinson, ND

A cattle shed is a special type of building and very few contractors have enough experience with them to qualify for the job. At Frueh Construction, however, we have been building, repairing, and restoring cattle sheds for years. We offer a variety of general construction services to clients in Dickinson, ND. To get a free estimate on a new cattle shed, give us a call today at 701-693-5765.

About Frueh Construction

At Frueh Construction, we are used to building all sorts of specialty buildings for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes. We’re a premier construction company that has earned the trust of clients across North Dakota. Our craftsmen are the best around and our customer service makes working with us simple.

The team at Frueh Construction can help you customize your cattle shed to suit your needs and preferences perfectly. With so much experience building these structures, we’re prepared to construct a cattle shed that is well-ventilated, resilient, and practical. We can build different types of cattle sheds, including pole barn cattle sheds and steel cattle sheds.

Pole Barn Cattle Sheds

Also know as post frame cattle sheds, pole barn cattle sheds are efficient in many areas. For one, the basic design and materials makes this type of shed affordable and pleasurable to look at. Secondly, these sheds can be insulated quite easily which helps to make the structure more energy-efficient. Lastly, the pole barn design leaves a wide-open area which means you are truly maximizing the amount of space you have.

Steel Cattle Sheds

Meanwhile, steel cattle sheds have their own unique benefits. As you might guess, these types of sheds are very resistant to weather, rust, etc. Another huge plus is that you don’t need to worry about termites. Steel cattle sheds can handle the wear and tear that comes with housing livestock. It can also be insulated to keep the animals comfortable and happy.

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Give Frueh Construction a call at 701-693-5765 to get a free estimate on a new cattle shed. Whether you want a steel cattle shed or a pole barn cattle shed, we’ve got you covered. People of Dickinson, ND can rely on us for all sorts of construction projects.