Cattle Shed – Carbury, ND

If you are based in Carbury, ND, Frueh Construction is a first-rate full-service contractor for all customers. We offer all sorts of commercial, residential, and agricultural construction services, including the installation of cattle sheds, repair, and maintenance. The safety of your livestock is integral, which is why you should only have a renowned contractor with multiple years of industry expertise, such as Frueh Construction, at your disposal. Reach out to us at 701-693-5765 for more details!

Cattle Sheds by Frueh Construction

At Frueh Construction, over the years, we have honed the art of constructing cattle sheds that are robust, ventilated, storage-efficient, and element-resistant. We excel in the construction of both pole barns and cattle sheds. We stay with our invaluable customers throughout the cattle shed project to ensure they get a cattle shed customized to their particular needs.

Steel Cattle Sheds

Steel cattle sheds are quite strong and withstand termites, the elements, rust, and whatnot. On top of that, steel effectively withstands any kind of damage caused by occupying livestock. Generally, steel buildings are also insulated very well, thereby reducing bills and making your livestock cozy.

Steel cattle sheds are prefabricated, very easy to install, and have low-budget maintenance. Steel is also fully recyclable, making it an environmentally-friendly material choice.

Post Frame Cattle Sheds

Pole barns or post-frame cattle sheds are both efficient and visually aesthetic. The pole barns, installed by our craftsmen, are quite energy-efficient, especially because these structures have a lot of space to be utilized for effective insulation. This allows for keeping your pole barn at a lower temperature in the summer and a higher temperature in the winter, which in turn keeps your livestock comfortable.

Post-frame cattle sheds have the ability to be constructed on level ground without the need to add an expensive and time-consuming foundation. Structurally, this type of cattle shed is wide open and very useful when it comes to getting the most out of the available space.

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