Bifold Door Minot, ND

One facet of the construction process customers may not think much about, but is nonetheless very important, is the selection of the ideal door to fit your structure. At Frueh Construction, we use top-quality Diamond Doors for our agricultural and commercial projects. These premium door solutions can be customized to fit the specifications of any building.

Some of the Diamond Door products we use frequently are their bifold doors, which feature cutting-edge design qualities and are innovative and durable. In our experience, there isn’t a better brand of door out there!

Frueh Construction is a premier provider of commercial, residential and agricultural building solutions, serving clients throughout North Dakota, including the area of Minot, ND. Give us a call today, (701) 693-5765, to work out the details for your next construction project!

Diamond Door Quality

Diamond Doors is a leader and innovator in the bifold door market, offering products of unparalleled quality and durability that bring a level of convenience ideally suited for agricultural, commercial and aviation structures.

At Frueh Construction, we strive to offer our customers the very best, which is why we use Diamond Doors. Whether your construction project is a pole barn, a shed, an aviation hangar or something else, we will find the perfect Diamond Door solution to fit the aesthetic and provide the functionality you’re looking for.

Bifold doors from Diamond Doors feature a triple internal truss design for matchless strength, and they also employ a unique cable lift system that can keep the doors at a low profile when they are fully raised to ensure there is no clearance loss. Diamond bifold doors are also the industry’s fastest opening bifold doors, opening at a speed of 18 feet per minute. What’s more, the company offers optional speed-increasing kits that further boost door-open speed by up to 25 percent. An optional Speed-Drive system from Diamond Doors takes speed even further, enabling these doors to operate at speeds of up to 40 feet per minute.

The Frueh Experts Are Here

For your next construction project, give Frueh Construction a call at (701) 693-5765. From the concrete to the doors, we will use the highest-quality products and craft a structure that is strongly built and aesthetically pleasing to meet both your needs and your wants.

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