All About Hydraulic Doors

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Doors have undergone significant technological advancement over the years. One example of this is the hydraulic door. A hydraulic door is a flexible door frame that is connected to a large door via a ball bearing system. This system allows the door to open and close effortlessly. There is a remote that comes with most of these systems to allow for remote access into your building. Here at Frueh Construction, we are experts in installing and maintaining hydraulic doors. If you are looking to add a hydraulic door to your building in Garrison, ND, call us at (701) 693-5765.

Different Uses for Hydraulic Doors

Even though a hydraulic door seems like a normal door, there are several different uses. Hydraulic doors are many times used as garage doors. This allows access into your garage without the need to get out of your vehicle.

Another use for hydraulic doors is for barns. A hydraulic door lets you access your farming equipment inside more easily, thereby saving you time.

Hydraulic doors are also used in airplane hangars, though these doors are much larger and more expensive than what we usually work with.

Hydraulic Doors Installation Process

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When we install your new hydraulic door, we will first perform an inspection. This inspection is to ensure there are proper supports in your building that can withstand the weight of the door, its frame, and the mechanics that it needs to work appropriately.

If your building lacks these things, we will add them to our estimate that we give you. Our estimate will cover everything from the timeline to the cost. Once you have decided to work with us, we will draft a contract for us to sign that details the work to be done. Once the paperwork is completed, we will then gather all the materials that are necessary to complete this project. If we need to add support, we will do this first. If not, we will start with the door frame and the mechanics. These must be installed correctly in order for the door to work properly. Next, we add the ball bearings, and then, the door. The last thing we do is program your remote control so you can open and close your door.

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