About Cattle Shed

The name cattle shed brings forth visuals of a place for cattle. However, that is not the only use of a quality cattle sed. Cattle sheds can be used for storing farming equipment, animals, food storage, a storage area for commercial use, and so much more. If you own property in Steele, ND, call our experts at Frueh Construction. We can gather the proper paperwork to get this built for you. Call us today on (701) 693-5765 to get us on this business for you.

The Pre-Build

Before we can break ground on the construction of your building there are things we need to have in order. The first thing to do is to have a sit down and start creating the plans for the building. This gives you time to figure out how many rooms you want. What kind of materials do you want used and if you want doors for the rooms? Once we have done the brainstorming with you, we will then draw it up in a blueprint to be submitted to the county. They will either accept the plans and give us the proper permits or they will deny it and tell us what needs to be changed. Once all that is done and cleared, we can break ground.

The Build

Building the cattle shed starts with groundbreaking, we must place the foundation a certain number of feet below the surface to ensure it can do the intended task of stabilizing your new building. Then we add the framing to ensure everything is placed correctly further down the line. We then mark where the water and electrical lines are to go so that the experts that we bring in can place them in the right locations. Once that is done there will be an inspection done to ensure we are doing everything up to code. Once that is done, we can then insulate and close the walls. Our next steps include finishing touches such as window installations, doors, and flooring. After all that you have a new building, you can use it for whatever you want it to be.

Call Today

If you have found you could use more places to store things, then a cattle shed may be the answer to this question. If your property in Steele, ND has the space for a new building call us at Frueh Construction today. Our office number is (701) 693-5765.