All Things Concrete


Though many years ago humans used stone and other materials for construction, concrete is now the preferred choice for many builders. Concrete has many applications for construction projects; Frueh Construction uses concrete in many different ways. If you are looking to use concrete for your property’s building project in Garrison, ND, call our team at (701) 693-5765.

Some Concrete History

Concrete has existed since 300 BC. The Romans used it to create the ancient structures that modern archaeologists continue to find. The Romans used concrete exclusively from 300 BC to 476 AD, though the concrete they used was made from different materials than today. However, the original idea came from them.

The concrete the Romans used was made of quicklime, pozzolana, and an aggregate of pumice. The concrete we use today is made from a mixture of Portland cement (10-15%) and water (15-20%) to make a paste. We then mix this paste with aggregates (65-75%), such as sand, gravel, or crushed stone. When the cement and water mix, they harden, combining the different materials to create a solid substance.

Concrete Today


When you speak of concrete, many people think of dull, gray sidewalks. However, concrete can have other colors and uses. It can also have patterns and be polished. Concrete can be used to create a one-of-a-kind fountain, a floor, an entire building, or even a pathway. This building material can be used any way you can think of. The only limit is your imagination!

Here at Frueh Construction, we will work with you to find out what you would like to use concrete for, how you want it to look, and where you plan to use it. Based on this information, we will create a concrete construction plan. Once we have agreed on the plan, we will then begin the task of making your dream a reality.

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If you want to make your concrete dreams a reality, look no further than Frueh Construction in Garrison, ND, to make it happen. If you have questions about how we can help you, don’t hesitate to call us at (701) 693-5765. Our customer service representatives will be happy to answer your questions thoroughly. Let us help you create something long-lasting that later generations will be able to enjoy. Come see for yourself what we can do!