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Steel building – Bismarck, ND

Steel buildings are now the modern flagship construction model for stakeholders worldwide, including in the US. The entire domain of steel building is incredibly technical and sophisticated and requires a professional to get the job done. Frueh Construction is proud to offer steel building services and solutions in Bismarck, North Dakota. We have established and […]

Commercial Roofing – Bismarck, ND

Over the past several years, the roofing services sector has experienced tremendous growth. While the established roofers made plans to remain competitive, many new businesses became part of the roofing culture. Although there is a high need for commercial roofing services in the US, finding a trustworthy roofing contractor to work for you might be […]

Cattle Shed – Bismarck, ND.

The scope of the construction sector has been progressively growing. With consistent growth in the agricultural industry, farms and agricultural properties have increased in the US. Cattle sheds, shelters, and roofs are some of the aspects roofing companies like Frueh Construction deal with within the farming sector. In Bismarck, North Dakota, Frueh Construction was among […]

Floor Heat Concrete – Bismarck, North Dakota

We all know how cold North Dakota can get throughout the year, not just in the winter. In such chilling times, wouldn’t it be better to have a warm floor under your feet? This would improve your morning routine as waking up and going to work would be much easier. Well, Frueh Construction brings you […]

Concrete – Bismarck, North Dakota

Concrete has been one of the essential items in the construction industry for a while now. Being able to perform high-quality concrete services on a daily basis is also essential for the construction industry in the United States. However, most companies and workers do not follow standardized industry protocols that ensure the safety and excellence […]

Pole Barn – Devils Lake, ND

When you need a new structure for extra storage space or other types of usage, a pole barn is a great one to consider. Also known as post-frame buildings, pole barns can be used for a number of residential, commercial, and agricultural purposes. Frueh Construction builds these kinds of structures and much more for clients […]

Spray Foam Roofing – Wahpeton, ND

How much do you know about spray polyurethane foam? This insulation solution continues to grow in popularity because of its durability, easy application, and high performance. At Frueh Construction, we use spray foam roofing to protect the buildings of our clients. If you are in Wahpeton, ND and you’d like to learn more, please give […]

Floor Heat Concrete – Minot, North Dakota

Waking up on a cold morning in Minot, North Dakota, can be daunting. You feel cold, exhausted, and unwilling to get out of the blankets. However, things would be much easier if your floor just exuded a warmth that would make your feet toasty. Well, now you can have that! There is a more convenient […]

Concrete – Minot, North Dakota

Frueh Construction is based in Minot, North Dakota. We have completed so many projects that our reputation precedes us in most places that our team goes. Continuing this tradition, Frueh Construction also provides top-quality concrete-based services to anyone that requires them. These services are unique and can be curated to meet the client’s needs. To […]

Bifold Door – Minot, North Dakota

Perhaps the most undervalued factor in a construction planning phase is the door selection part. However, doors are very important as they give a nice finish and an aesthetically pleasing look to the entire place, be it a commercial building, an agricultural structure, or a residential place. Frueh Construction brings a classic type of door […]