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Pole Barn Jamestown ND

Isn’t it amazing how often you see a new pole barn in Jamestown, ND suddenly pop up out of nowhere? This is because pole barns are so simple to build and so affordable that they appeal to a wide variety of people and can be used for so many purposes. Interested in a pole barn […]

Post Frame Building Jamestown ND

Considering getting a post frame building in Jamestown, ND rather than a typical stud wall structure? They are simpler, stronger, quicker, and cheaper, so why not? Post frame buildings can be built for barns, garages, utility sheds, commercial buildings, churches, and even homes. If a post frame building appeals to you and you are interested […]

Hydraulic Door – Lisbon, ND

Have you been searching away to find out which type of door is actually better? A hydraulic door or a bifold door? Well, the truth is, both doors are great options, it truly just depends on your wants and needs! At Frueh Construction, we bring our neighbors throughout Lisbon, ND quality construction services of all […]

Floor Heat Concrete – Lisbon, ND

Hiring the right team to pour and complete your concrete project tends to be an afterthought, but if you hire a team of lackluster contractors, you could be dealing with an uneven floor and other issues soon down the road. Do yourself a big favor and do a little research into the team you hire […]

Bifold Door – Lisbon, ND

Have you been wondering about the differences of a bifold door or a hydraulic door? If you’re looking to complete your building with the right door, the contractors at Frueh Construction are ready to help! We bring you quality door options and we’re sure we can help you choose the best door for your needs […]

Steel Building – Lisbon, ND

Are you looking for a reputable contractor that can construct a steel building quickly and flawlessly in Lisbon, ND or the surrounding areas? Frueh Construction is a full-service contractor serving our neighbors throughout North Dakota and we know the many advantages of having a steel building on your property! With extraordinary versatility, these buildings can […]

Concrete – Lisbon, ND

Are you looking for a team of professionals that can handle your concrete project with ease? Well, if you’re in the Lisbon, ND area, or any of the surrounding areas, you’re in luck! The professional contractors at Frueh Construction deliver only the finest craftsmanship and customer service and every job we complete is done with […]

Cattle Shed – Lisbon, ND

Don’t be fooled by the name, while called cattle sheds, they’re also known as pole barns or post frame buildings among other names, and they are incredibly versatile! A cattle shed has much to offer and at Frueh Construction, we’ll make sure yours is constructed flawlessly. We bring our neighbors in Lisbon, ND quality construction […]

Steel Building Fargo, ND

There are many reasons that you might want to add a steel building to your property in Fargo, ND. At Frueh Construction, our steel buildings are prefabricated, which makes them a quick build that will last forever. Whether you are looking into residential, commercial, or agricultural use, our steel buildings are likely the right choice […]

Pole Barns, Fargo ND

Early on, pole barns were commonly used as shelters for animals, hay, and farm vehicles. Today they are also used for commercial and industrial uses like warehouses, municipal buildings, and churches. Many different types of structures are used for building pole barns based on specific client-requirements, cost-effectiveness, longevity, and visual appeal. There is a range […]