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Bifold Door – Carbury, ND

As one of the most popular door options, bifold doors are an excellent choice for any building. They not only enhance the aesthetic appeal, but they also serve a very practical purpose by making it easier and more efficient to live there. Adding bifold doors to your property might provide you with the following advantages. […]

Floor heat concrete – Carbury, ND

Pex-tubes carry hot water through a concrete floor or slab in a radiant heating system. The other option is to use radiant heat, which is an electrical heating element embedded in a thin concrete overlay that is then covered in tile, carpet, or wood flooring. Even heat distribution can be achieved by heating up the […]

Concrete – Carbury, ND

There are many advantages to hiring a professional rather than trying to complete the same task on your own. There are no hassles involved for the residents of Carbury, ND in the renovation of their property by concrete contractors. What are the obvious advantages of hiring Carbury, ND concrete contractors when compared to doing concrete […]

Spray Foam – Dickinson, ND

Since the early 1960s, spray polyurethane foam has been used for everything from refrigeration to industrial insulation. Today, many people are familiar with spray foam as a high-quality roofing material. Over the years, spray foam has evolved to be used in a wide variety of applications. Frueh Construction is North Dakota’s premier commercial contractor and […]

Cattle Shed – Carbury, ND

If you are based in Carbury, ND, Frueh Construction is a first-rate full-service contractor for all customers. We offer all sorts of commercial, residential, and agricultural construction services, including the installation of cattle sheds, repair, and maintenance. The safety of your livestock is integral, which is why you should only have a renowned contractor with […]

Commercial Roofing – Carbury, ND

Commercial roofs happen to be a once-in-a-lifetime investment, whether we talk about the associated costs or time. Therefore, it can provide you with undisputed protection for decades to come. Nevertheless, it will encounter many bumps along its pathway to success, and that is just why we are at your service. Frueh Construction is the premier […]

Sprayfoam Roofing – Carbury, ND

There are a lot of reasons why you should go with a spray foam roof. For example, aside from insulating your roof, spray foam also adds an extra layer of protection to its surface. At Frueh Construction, our crew consists of fully professional and trained roofers who have multiple years of on-site experience with spray […]

Steel Building Williston, ND

When it comes to steel building repairs, maintenance, and installation, you definitely want to hire a company that has expertise in this specific type of construction. Frueh Construction specializes in a variety of steel building construction services. We can customize your steel building to meet our clients’ exact specifications. Clients in Williston, ND can call […]

Post Frame Barn Williston, ND

Building a post frame barn — commonly referred to as a pole barn — has several advantages, which we’ll get into later. At Frueh Construction, we do everything from post frame repairs to full agricultural building installations. Our company is based out of North Dakota and our service area includes clients in Williston, ND. For […]

Spray Foam-Carbury, ND

There are a great many reasons why you should go with a spray foam roof. To begin with, it not only insulates your roof, but also adds an extra layer of protection to it. At Frueh Construction, we have a crew of roofers who have many years of expertise with spray foam. Hence, if your […]